Cinnamon Club, Cheltenham

Shop 2, 1291 Nepean Hwy
Cheltenham, VIC 3192

Customer Reviews for Cinnamon Club, 9 reviews

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28th August 2014 10:05 pm
"this place is close to me so i thought ill check it out. its better than what i expected. the food is great and the venue is very lively on the weekends"
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23rd June 2013 7:45 pm
"This place is nice to held small functions for 30-100 guest. I have arranged my First anniversary function there. They also have a small stage and has live music only on weekends.They have set menu but additional food can be added. The price is also very reasonable.

The food quality is above average but not exceptional. The service was ok but i felt that they could have appointed more staff.

I would recommend this place who is looking for a place to arrange parties within budget but with good food and nice location.

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1st July 2012 10:43 pm
"It is just above average. Sometimes depending on the crowd the food can be average but overall I am happy to order take out if reqd.

Service has never been the best..but its not a fine dining restaurant so cant expect more. Good place to have functions and events. Have been to the buffet where there was a band playing and lots of ppl dancing..good ambience..overall a decent experience."
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19th October 2010 4:03 pm
"Nice Indian restaurant where you can order a la carte or sample the all you can eat buffet. Good range of food and the desserts are delish. On the weekends they feature a band and people get up and dance. If you don't like loud music though I wouldn't recommend it but if you do it is good fun. Good for functions. If you cannot handle a lot of spice make sure you order your dish mild. "
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12th December 2009 5:35 pm
"This restaurant has some very nice Indian food. In particular, I would highly recommend a variety of their entree dishes - some of them were spectacular. The deserts could have been slightly better."
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3rd September 2009 12:26 am
"Quite pleasant especially the buffet nights. Service quite cordial and you are made to feel quite special. Enjoyed the music by a good band that only plays some weekends. Band used to have a good horn section that made me become a regular patron. Menu though lacked variety & became too predictable."
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10th May 2009 9:46 am
"This is some of the better Indian food you can get in Cheltenham. They prepare the food quickly and are a family favorite for us when we need to get take away. We have dined in only once and weren't that impressed with the facilities, the restaurant is just too big, and lacks atmosphere, unless they have the indian band playing, which then doesn't allow you to have a conversation. I would therefore recommend them for take away. "
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16th June 2008 7:24 am
"Very good Indian food served in buffet style provided you arrive during buffet times. If you arrive too early you are served at the table with a range of foods (which you would get from the buffet) but are never asked if you would like further serves as you would be able to do if the buffet was in force (not that you need more as the is plenty of food). Also, if you are served at the table as distinct from serving yourself at the buffet, surely you should be able to take a doggy bag home if you haven't finished?"
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10th September 2007 7:42 pm
"We've only ever had take away from the Cinnamon Club, but we've always enjoyed what we got. The meals are familiar to those who love Indian but the difference is that the staff are more than happy to make recommendations based on your personal preferences. It never feels like one is being short-changed or that there's more gravy than there is meat in the meals. "
You can telephone Cinnamon Club on 03 9584 4774