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18th October 2013 12:40 pm
"This office has breached all service standards and the customer charter,complaints ignored and lost, requests for document removal ignored complaint of fraud for a medical practioner i have in these ratings ignored,lenthy waiting times,refusal to answer phones,refusal to provide information,failed an extensive dsp claim of 18 months useing legal tripe,cancelling a benifit on a number of occasions due to unable to contact centrelink which is a breach of administrative law and of customer charter,failed to return calls or after many days,failed on all possible grounds,failed to inform of rural agent in my area after repeatedly informing of location issue,makes threats that attendance required within 48 hours or 24 hours a full breach or human rights,i there fore rate this institution as very very poor more concerned with saving money,please do not hold back on them in this office let them know about the poor service its your right! "

By ReecesCheckYaPieces - 100% Trust 21st October 2013 12:06 pm

"Hi Onlineseller, for future reference, if you are unfortunate enough to experience any further difficulties with ‘locally-based’ government departments, please keep in mind that there is an official ‘chain of command’ and ‘complaint process’ that must be implemented if you are wanting a resolution. If you are not getting anywhere with the local office, simply ‘work your way up’. Although we personally find the procedure tiresome (and loathsome), it is a simple fact that in order to gain results, you need to learn to ‘work within the system’ and ‘play their game’ in order to be heard. If things are becoming too difficult for you, you might do well to consider employing a disability advocate to do the fighting on your behalf. Best Wishes, Reeces "

By ReecesCheckYaPieces - 100% Trust 21st October 2013 12:09 pm

"By the way, the use of appropriate punctuation would make it easier for people to read your reviews. "

By onlineseller - 100% Trust 28th October 2013 9:48 am

"i thought i had in the name of axis employment but would now never walk in the door again,they have now fully breached charter by ignoring complaints,seems the main game is money for them!"

You can telephone Centrelink on 1800 050 004