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Cameo Cinema, Murray Bridge

2 First Street,
Murray Bridge, SA 5253
down side-street from the Coles Centre on Mannum Road

Tel: 08 8531 0...
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Customer Reviews for Cameo Cinema (2 reviews)

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12th October 2012 8:34 pm
A lovely small cinema for a quite night out. Prices are excellent and there is no hustle and bustle like at the cinema complexes. Very comfortable and enjoyable. I don't often go to the movies but when I do I much prefer to go here.


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443 Reviews
100% Trust
123 Compliments
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11th July 2012 2:14 am
This is a single-screen cinema. The screen is a little smaller than more modern cinemas, but there is plenty of comfortable seating, and all seats have a good view of the screen.

Sometimes it can take a little longer for a movie to screen (a week or two), I suppose with only one screen, it is harder to co-ordinate, especially when several new movies come out together.

There is usually about 5 different movies playing in any particular week. Acoustics are good.

The big plus is the ticket price at only $10 adult and $8 senior, which is really cheap compared to other cinemas.


Approx Cost:
$10 adult.

You can contact this business on 08 8531 0222

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