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Blue Sea Fish Shop, Castlemaine

91 Mostyn St
Castlemaine, VIC 3450

Tel: 03 5472 1...

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Customer Reviews for Blue Sea Fish Shop (2 reviews)

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13th June 2013 5:23 pm
We went to Castlemaine for a weekend drive and before heading home, we wanted a quick snack. We brought a couple of dim sims and potatoe cakes which were sitting in the bane marine. I did not know what to expect as i prefer my food to be freshly cooked on the spot in a fish and chip shop ............ but in all fairness they tasted quite good, the potatoe cake was generous size and you can taste the potatoe as it was cut thickly.

for about 90 cents each it was about average price to pay.

Service was non descript ... the lady behind the counter seemed disinterested and not in a smiling mood



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741 Reviews
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25th June 2012 2:11 pm
Great burgers and steak sandwiches made from fresh high quality ingredients. Service can be a bit on the slow side but is worth it. Chips and gravy are good too.


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