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Blue River Meats, Taren Point

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96 - 98 Road
Taren Point, NSW 2229
in the Office Works carpark...

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24th July 2011 3:59 pm
"Prices are cheap...they are sooo helpful.. They will cut up meat for you and have a butcher in store who know the things you need to know...I asked what was better gravy beef or chuck steak for slow cookers...he said gravy beef...and it was the cheaper..

asked about cheaper pork...they had great prices on pork roasts and he cut in half for us even though it was packaged up...

great value for money and helps us make our meat buys go that extra week...we buy meat for 4 weeks...only cost $180 with enough for 6 wks"
You can telephone Blue River Meats on 02 9531 1426