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> > > Big Brand Outlet (BBO) Sunshine

Big Brand Outlet (BBO) Sunshine, Sunshine

474 Ballarat Rd
Sunshine, VIC 3020

Tel: 03 9311 1...

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Customer Reviews for Big Brand Outlet (BBO) Sunshine (2 reviews)

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2nd July 2011 10:26 pm
I was thinking of buying this cabinet at Freedom which costs $650.. but luckily i didn't make the purchase as i found it at BBO for $350 instead WOW.. however there was a minor mark but wasn't really noticeable tho.. they were really easy to bargain with as well, they end up selling me the cabinet for $300.



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15 Reviews
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12th March 2010 9:28 am
This is an outlet for Freedom, Bay Leather Republic and Guests furniture, most things are slightly damaged ( could be a small nick in leather or tiny scratch) or ex floor stock. Excellent value with most things 50% off and then room to negotiate. They also stock some homewares. Service was excellent.



You can contact this business on 03 9311 1055

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