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Bayleaf Balinese Restaurant, Cairns

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Corner Of Lake And Gatton Streets
Cairns, QLD 4870
Within the Bay Village Tropical Retreat hotel

Customer Reviews for Bayleaf Balinese Restaurant, 2 reviews

275 Reviews
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25th July 2013 3:49 pm
"Excellent quality food,the flavours were very true and stood out,even the desserts were great.price was good,bit more then some places,but then again the food was great,so worth it.the staff went it of there way to get us a bottle of wine we preferred over the one we ordered mistakenly,that was appreciated.will go back again and again."
22 Reviews
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4th December 2011 2:01 pm
"I go to Cairns for business and we always try to eat here at least once while we're there. Delicious flavours and beautiful presentation of food. The Nasi Goreng is a great staple but try anything on the menu. Very friendly staff."
You can telephone Bayleaf Balinese Restaurant on 07 4047 7955