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Aussie Farmers Direct

Bldg 10, Level 3, 658 Church St
Richmond, VIC 3121

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30th April 2014 10:28 pm
"I gave Aussie Farmers Direct 5 stars for each item because they really are worth the higher prices though I usually try to pay less for my groceries. There is no doubt that the quality is superb and the service - fresh food delivered to your door - is outstanding.

I had several difficulties with the website but from the newsletters I receive, I see that that's undergoing constant revision and improvement.

I would love to be a much bigger Aussie Farmers Direct customer but for me, ducking out to the shops might actually be easier.

Still, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who values quality and supporting local, and have no negatives to say about the level of service or the product standards."
7 Reviews
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19th August 2013 10:23 am
"We get fruit & veg delivered with Aussie Farmers Direct, and absolutely love it! Haven't actually met our delivery guy yet, but have spoken to him over the phone, and the service is great!"
86 Reviews
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14th August 2013 1:18 am
"We get all our Milk delivered from Aussie Farmers and it makes life a breeze. We just leave out the bag Tuesday and they ring your doorbell once it is in the bag. A couple times they didn't have enough of what we were after so they will replace it with another very similar item (usually same item but from a different brand). In the past we also got our yoghurt delivered but couldn't quite keep up with the supply every week!

I like knowing that I'm buying Australian products and the drivers are very friendly and efficient at their job."
24 Reviews
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10th August 2013 1:06 am
"Love the quality, although it isn't always consistent. I love the fruit and veg boxes, so easy to plan weekly meals.The prices are a bit higher than other farms and things locally but it is worth it for the ease of front door delivery. "
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5th August 2013 9:46 pm
"I have been a customer on and off for a number of years.

I love the convenience of receiving a weekly delivery of Australian grown fruit and veg but get frustrated by the inconsistent quality.

The customer service is helpful and quick to refund any poor quality items. The custimer service web chat feature is very useful I just wish I wasn't so familiar with it.

119 Reviews
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2nd June 2013 8:31 pm
"the food from aussie farmers is really fresh. it can be on the expensive side however but it is aussie owned and you know its fresh. i had a few issues with the delivery driver continually not following directions and leaving the esky out in the open rather than behind my fence as directed. it is quite handy though to wake up on a saturday morning and have fresh bagels, eggs, bacon & milk.

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16th May 2013 5:51 am
"I love Aussie Farmers. Thank you for taking the pain away from shopping. You are always delivering me the best produce and delight me with new cool boxes when ever the old one needs replacing. Awesome guys"
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15th May 2013 8:01 pm
"We have been using Aussie Farmers Direct for the past year and the local franchise was recently awarded franchisee of the year with good reason. The food produce is always fresh, the service is great and they always notify us if there is anything out-of-stock with notes or face-to-face when the package is dropped off. The amounts are usually deducted off the invoice at a later stage. Whilst it's frustrating that they do not re-use the boxes, our Franchise takes them back to give to local schools.

I think it's a great idea having your fruit, veg, milk & general groceries delivered to your door stop - it's bringing the old days back again!"
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15th May 2013 12:58 pm
"The concept of this business is fantastic. Buy Aussie produce and have it delivered to your door. Support the farmers. I've been quite happy with the quality and they now have an app for ordering which makes it easier. However their service is quite poor. Many of my orders had mistakes, if they don't have an item it simply isn't sent to you without any communication. They also overpackage the food with lots of plastic and refuse to reuse the boxes citing health regulations even though other services do this. I still get my meat and dairy from them but would swap if there was another provider who could do better environmentally and on service."

By robertn6 - 100% Trust 15th May 2013 4:08 pm

"I agree I have had similar."

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26th March 2013 9:50 am
"We got some credit to use Aussie Farmers Direct when we bought our fridge. We started off ordering the fruit and veggie boxes, but to be honest, it just didn't work for us. Getting one or two of an item wasn't really enough to cook a meal, and sometimes the substitutions when at item was unavailable was odd. For example, we were supposed to get a rockmelon but it was substituted for grapes, and there was already a bunch of grapes in the box. Massive grape overload!

My partner is now using up the credit ordering seafood and meats and he tells me the quality is very good (I don't eat meat). You have to admire getting up and having fresh produce already delivered to your door by 5am. Having said that, when we have used up the credit, I don't think we'll continue using them - I personally find it easier going to a store and selecting the items I want, making planning meals so much easier for our family."
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15th March 2013 10:19 am
"I tried using Aussie Farmers Direct, but to be honest I jsut prefer to buy my fruit & vege from local markets or fruit shops where I can personally select my produce. With a large family, I always found it difficult to judge how much a kilo of this or that would be and I would often end up with too little of certain items when I really needed more. This is just my personal preference and what I found didn't work for me.

That being said the quality of the produce was excellent and I found the prices fair for the service you get."
293 Reviews
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9th March 2013 2:25 pm
"I was using Aussie Farmers after responding to a promotional phone call about two years ago but stopped when financial constraints meant that I had to resort to cheap $1 litre milk and bread. Things are looking up so will go back to them. Used to get lamb shanks, Milk, steak and roast lamb. Great knowing that you're supporting our guys, too.

I am adding an addendum. I got an order two weeks ago. The vegetarian lasagne had no bechamel and was basically a lot of pasta with tomato sauce and no more than a handful of veges. The lamb roast has a 1cm thick layer of fat over it. When I rang them I got " I'm really sorry about that" I'll let them know. No refund or credit offered. I'd like to support them but quality has to be part of the deal"

By lynnec6 - 100% Trust 12th March 2013 1:59 pm

"I wont purchase thru Aussie farmers, I had someone round not so long ago and the only way I could join was to give my credit card details which I refuse to do. I would rather buy direct off the farmer Farmers Markets are all over the place and some come with milk deliveries from Ballarat. Farmers Direct is still the middle man, Farmers Markets are directly with the farmer where the money he makes goes straight into his pocket, I know because I am one"

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7th March 2013 11:53 am
"I have a weekly delivery of iterms, box of fruit one week and vegies the other. Always some items that I know little about (especially the vegies) The boxes they come in are also very useful."
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24th February 2013 4:33 pm
"I don't like to buy from the supermarkets as they don't try and keep business in Australia, and pay our farmers squat. Buying direct makes me feel better, supporting them, it's fresh, they aren't cruel to animals having them in small cages, warehouses etc.

The main thing, the fruit is fresh. It's better than anything else I've ever purchased from a store. Milk is nice and the orange juice.

The mince cooks beautifully, more than obvious its better quality isn't chewy.

I recommend, can get some great deals and saves time searching to find a few good apples at the store"

By MazB35 - 100% Trust 24th February 2013 4:49 pm

"So good to hear of this business! The fact they support our aussie farmers is a huge plus!"

659 Reviews
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24th February 2013 10:43 am
"Some friends had been using this service for a while and recommended it to us through a fundraising project where you pay $30 for a bumper box of fruit and vegetables and a margin goes to your school or organisation as profit.

If you join up, you get a $10 credit on your first voucher.

You gotta watch out though, I know their stuff is great, but you can get carried away and the cost adds up.

Their normal boxes are good too - couples box at $26. At first you couldn't choose and got some stuff not used, but that's changed now. There's also an organic box option.

But the big black boxes come in handy for other stuff too.

Nice to know the Farmers are benefitting from this as well."
6 Reviews
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24th February 2013 10:13 am
"I have been with Aussie Farmers Direct off and on for a few years now. It started when a rep from AFD came around to offer their services and that our local primary school would benefit from a donation from them if I signed up (ring them to get this for your school also). I was very happy with them for a while and used to get carried away with what was on offer, I only stopped when the supermarkets started the $1/ltr milk special to save money and to support our local monthly farmers market. I am back with them to order essentials, milk (as I couldn't keep up with the demand from my family) and bread mainly. Make sure you check off your order when it's delivered as once in a while something may get left off or the wrong size sent, eg. cheese but a phone call to them rectifies things without drama.

Their range has increased since I was last using them about 8 months-1 year ago and looks fantastic.

Just gotta remember to put the esky out the night before delivery otherwise it gets left in the morning sun! Once that happens you don't forget again. (Sometimes they'll lend you one of theirs if they have a spare if you've forgotten which is good.)

Love the idea of helping our farmers and supporting small businesses."
373 Reviews
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5th February 2013 5:53 pm
"Have been a member ever since buying a fridge which had a Farmers Direct voucher included. Great fresh choice of meats and other produce and unlike the big supermarkets the money goes to actual farmers. So support our Aussie farmers and buy from here rather than the big supermarkets and delivery is to your door."
12 Reviews
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19th December 2012 10:22 pm
"Ever since I received my first delivery, I am impressed by the quality of their produce. Every week I get my milk, bread and meats delivered. Their milk tastes so good compared to what I am used to buying from supermarkets. Also, their bread is made everyday and tastes so fresh. Meats, you are given the choice of choosing the quality (from normal to top quality cuts) of the meats you want. I also notice that they are continuously adding more new products to their range. Milk,bread,meat delivery is always free when you order 3 products. It's not difficult to pick 3 items you want. Love the convenience of getting what I need delivered every week. Saves me time and petrol. But in warmer weather, even though meats come with disposable icepacks, you should still make sure you put an ice pack in your esky."
44 Reviews
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5th September 2012 3:40 pm
"I have had my groceries delivered through Aussie Farmer's Direct for the last couple of weeks. The quality of the fresh produce is exceptional and I really feel that my family and I are eating much more healthily now that we have started using this service.

Some items are quite expensive, but I think that this is because they are all of high quality and are Australian made and owned.

I save a lot of money shopping this way as I am not buying additional things that I just see and THINK I need when perusing supermarket isles.

I'd definitley recommend this service."
105 Reviews
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19th July 2012 5:07 pm
"I love the idea of supporting the farmer and Aussie Farmers delivers on this and the Aussie Farmer is where the source all their milk from. Prompt and reliable the milk never fails to appear as ordered."
You can telephone Aussie Farmers Direct on 1300 645 562
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