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Albany Leisure And Aquatic Centre, Albany

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Barker Rd
Albany, WA 6330

Customer Reviews for Albany Leisure And Aquatic Centre, 2 reviews

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11th November 2012 1:23 am
"I took my children and my nephews out for a day at the pool, and we all had a great time. the charge to get in was fairly expensive, at $23 for one adult and four kids, but I realised later that it could be cheaper next time if we go in as a family with one extra child. The water was clean, and there were plenty of fun activities for the kids, including spraying water fountains, a water slide and a fun whirlpool. The cafe next to the pool was also good, and the chips were really yummy. "
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2nd November 2012 1:07 am
"We have been members here for a year now. The group fitness classes are great, with a goood timetable so you can do a range of classes over the week.

The creche is first class, our kids love it, and get upset when we arent there for the creche.

The major complaint would be a lack of parents/family/disability change rooms (there are two, but there is often a 30 min wait to get the kids ready) and the pool water is often very cool, and the kids end up blue"
You can telephone Albany Leisure And Aquatic Centre on 08 9844 2250