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13th May 2013 1:48 pm
"Advanced Vetcare are fantastic. They are professional, organised & friendly. After getting a misdiagnoses & almost getting my dog put to sleep... We were referred here! They looked at her straight away without an appointment and by the end of the day they had found the problem & and within a week she had surgery and is now finally on her way to recovery thanks to Sam and his wonderful team. I can't thank them enough."
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2nd March 2013 8:49 am
"This vet was recommended by my usual vet for when my pets need emergency treatment.

We needed it in the middle of the night. The phone was answered by a vet, who advised us on care of the sick animal in transit and described the location of the clinic to make it easier to find.

On arrival the same vet took us into the exam room and treated our pet with the same love we show him. The vet was very kind, explained all the possibilities, outlined costs for different treatments.

They were quick to ring me when they needed to advise on progress and developments.

My only problem with the process was that we were charged more than quoted. The vet who quoted had nothing to do with the bill we received, so it was 20% more than expected.

I know the service should come at a premium price but the price quoted seemed quite sufficient. To have to pay so much more than expected came as a bit of an insult.

I would use them again if I need to."

By sandrad17 - 100% Trust 2nd March 2013 9:21 am

"Thanks for your review. Perhaps you should have queried the bill and explained that was not was quoted."

By Mariks8 - 70% Trust 2nd March 2013 11:30 pm

"Good to know that we have these services available in emergencies. "

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17th January 2013 10:57 pm
"These are the people you go to when all else fails, not because they aren't good vets, but because they are open ALL the time, and I mean all the time.

Which is exactly what you need when you have an animal emergency outside hours or in the holidays. Ours was Christmas time and they were open like angels of animal mercy. Our cat had been bitten and they gave her wonderful treatment.

They were also sympathetic and helpful to us as this was the middle of the night.

We were allowed to go back into the surgical care area to see how she was comfortable and they followed up on her progress with phone updates.

I recommend them but hopefully you won't need to use them in a panic like I did.

Not hard to get to and fairly central location. The small street is a bit tricky to find, and you have to talk into an intercom to get inside.

A large, clean, but rather impersonal waiting area. And the cost was a bit more than usual for the convenience."
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19th August 2012 12:46 pm
"We visited this 24hr emergency centre with our young pup. The centre was recommended by a friend in the industry and I would highly recommend to anyone else with an emergency situation. They were professional, caring and honest. We were seen soon after arriving, and the vet we dealt with took the time to listen to the full story. Her examination was very thorough and she talked us through all the possibilities and treatment options. We left our pup in their care for further tests and were kept informed of the progress throughout. We were allowed spend time with our pup whilst she was receiving treatment. The vets worked around us so we could comfort our pup. We witnessed the vets and nurses amazing compassion for all the animals they were caring for. They really do an amazing job. The outcome for us after a couple of days wasn't good. All the staff were brilliant in helping us through the difficult decisions and so understanding. We are very thankful for their efforts."
You can telephone Advanced Vetcare on 03 9092 0400